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Scrap and machine

Chip cake machine, chip parallel, steel chip parallel, copper chip parallel, aluminum chip parallel, iron chip parallel, chip parallel, steel chip parallel, copper chip parallel, aluminum chip Chips and iron chips are parallel, Xinchen Technology is a company that provides a complete set of solutions for the packaging and recycling of scrap metal materials


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Producători de așchii de fier vechi, de cupru și de fier

Y83 series metal chip briquetting hydraulic press (swarf paralleling machine), suitable for aluminum alloy profile plants, steel casting plants, aluminum casting plants, and copper casting plants, to return aluminum, steel, iron, and copper briquettes to the furnace to replace steel scrap , Pig iron, aluminum ingots, and copper scrap are used as raw materials to reduce burning loss. The equipment can directly cold-press powdered cast iron, steel, copper, aluminum, etc. into cylindrical cakes of 3-6 kg, which is convenient for transportation and furnace. The whole process does not require heating, additives, or other Craft. The density of cast iron chips after pressing can reach 5~6T/m3. The product can also adopt domestic or imported hydraulic and electrical components according to customer requirements, equipped with automatic feeding and weighing devices. Among them, the Y83-500 type metal chip briquetting hydraulic press is specially designed for copper material factories. The briquetting density is more than 7 tons/m3, which is an ideal product for pressing lead brass.
Puncte speciale:
(1) Hydraulic drive, stable operation and no vibration.
(2) The infrastructure is simple, no foot screws are required for installation.
(3) Using PLC control, users can choose manual or automatic operation.
(4) Mecanismul automat de alimentare poate fi adăugat în funcție de cerințele utilizatorului
Jiangyin Xinchen Machinery Technology Co., Ltd. furnizează resturi și resturi zdrobite, resturi și resturi de oțel, inclusiv resturi și resturi de zgură de oțel, resturi și resturi de fier, resturi și resturi de aluminiu și resturi și resturi de cupru. Informații despre introducerea produsului, cum ar fi prețurile și imaginile produselor. Când contactați, asigurați-vă că explicați ce ați văzut în Prietenii Mașinilor, vă mulțumesc!

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