Hydraulic Scrap Metal Powder Briquette Press Machine
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Hydraulic Scrap Metal Powder Briquette Press Machine

Metal shavings machine use: mainly used to pass cast iron shavings, copper shavings, aluminum shavings, steel shavings (≤50mm), crushed materials (50~80mm) and other waste materials through a special mold to make it bear on a very small area High pressure is used to press into a block, which greatly facilitates the transportation of metal scraps, and reduces the amount of oxidation and burning during the smelting process to achieve significant economic benefits. It is an ideal equipment for metal smelters.


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Metal crumb cake machine (metal briquetting machine) is suitable for aluminum alloy profile plants, steel casting plants, aluminum casting plants, copper casting plants, etc. It can remove aluminum crumbs, aluminum ash, steel crumbs, steel slag, steel pins, iron filings, copper Scraps, copper rice, zinc scraps, lead scraps and other briquettes are returned to the furnace to replace scrap steel, pig iron, aluminum ingots, and copper scrap as raw materials, which can reduce burning. The equipment can directly cold-press powdered cast iron scraps, steel scraps, copper scraps, aluminum scraps, sponge iron, iron ore powder, slag powder and other non-ferrous metal scraps into cylindrical cakes weighing 2.5-10 kg. The whole production process does not need heating, adding additives or other processes, it is directly cold-pressed and formed, and the original material is not changed while forming.

For example, the density of cast iron scraps after forming can reach 5-6T/m3, which can be directly put into the furnace to replace pig iron or other metals, saving 400-800 yuan/ton. For castings of special materials, recycling is of greater significance.

Diametrul tortului
Y83–150 Φ80 ~ Φ100 3 15
Y83 - 200 Φ80~Φ110 5 15
Y83–250 Φ90 ~ Φ120 5 18.5
Y83 - 315 Φ90 ~ Φ130 5 30
Y83 - 360 Φ100~Φ140 5 30
Y83–500 Φ120 ~ Φ160 5 37
Y83–630 Φ160~Φ200 4 30 × 2
Y83–800 Φ200 ~ Φ240 3 45 × 2
Y83L–150 Φ80 ~ Φ100 3 22
Y83L–250 Φ90 ~ Φ120 3.5 18.5
Y83L–315 Φ90 ~ Φ130 3.5 30
Y83L–360 Φ100~Φ140 3.5 30
Y83L - 500 Φ120 ~ Φ160 3.5 37
Y83L - 630 Φ160~Φ200 3 30 × 2
Y83W–150 Φ80 ~ Φ100 6 22
Y83W - 250 Φ90 ~ Φ120 6 18.5
Y83W - 315 Φ90 ~ Φ130 6 30
Y83W–360 Φ100~Φ140 6 30
Y83W - 500 Φ120 ~ Φ160 6 37
Y83W - 630 Φ160~Φ200 3 30 × 2
Y83W–800 Φ200 ~ Φ240 3 45 × 3
Y83W - 1000 Φ240~Φ280 3 45×4

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